The Ethnic Wealth of Nepal

From time immemorial, important trade routes with the large movements of inhabitants of many ethnic groups passed through the territory of today’s Nepal, bringing here various cultural, artistic and religious customs originating mainly from India, Tibet and China. Therefore, Nepal disposes of a very diverse mosaic of ethnic and linguistic composition of the population. The dominant Hindu […]

Rajasthan – the Architectural Pearl of India

Rajasthan is the most colorful state in India and also the largest in terms of area. It has a unique architecture and for that is famous all over the world. Rajasthan’s architecture is based on a Rajput school that combined Hindu and Mughal (Islamic) construction. Amazing fortresses and intricately carved temples are an integral part of the architectural […]

Kathmandu – the City of Wooden Temples

Nepal, “a land generously endowed by God” is bordered on the north by the eight-thousand-meter peaks of the Himalayas and on the south by a fertile subtropical landscape. At an altitude of 1330 m above sea level lies its capital Kathmandu – a city of wooden temples. According to a legend, this city originated thanks to the Buddhist saint Manjushree, […]

The Abode of Ayurveda – A documentary about the home of the oldest medical system at the foothills of the Himalayas, revealing the timelessness of the inner knowledge of the ancient sages of India.